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Earworm Cures

By   /  July 13, 2015  /  Comments Off on Earworm Cures

Earworms are those songs that repeat over and over in your head. Now, here are some cures.

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Did you read this week’s Funny yet?

If you did, you might have contracted what’s known as an “earworm;” that song, or part of a song, that repeats over and over in your head, that you can’t get rid of, and that drives you crazy. I got the worm three separate times: once from getting it from J.B. Higley, once from posting it, and once from writing this post!

Worm plus ear (public domain, via wikimedia commons)

Worm plus ear (public domain, via wikimedia commons)

But here at On Pasture, we wouldn’t do that to you without giving you a cure too.  So here’s a podcast from Radiolab to help.

Tablet readers, here’s your link.

In it you’ll hear some other earworms, sung by Radiolab listeners, which are surprisingly pitch perfect, along with their solutions to get rid of them. The one that works best for me is at the very end of the 8 minute segment and involves singing along with the song in your head until you get to a note that you just hold and hold and hold….and ta da!  Ear worm removed!

Good luck! We know you’ll use this information for the rest of your lives! 🙂

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