Winter Feed Math

Days are shorter and heat units waning, so in most areas, good growth days, even if we get some adequate rain, could be limited. That means that we need a plan for taking our livestock through the win

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3 thoughts on “Winter Feed Math

  1. I feed 4×5 baleage (50% moisture) out on the ground via a mechanical unroller, there is no way I’m wasting 45% of that hay.. come back in the late day and its all cleaned up with just a tiny bit left on the ground and trampled back in by the next day. Feeding 30 brood cows + 10-20 calves depending on time of year…

    1. George, If you are feeding quality baleage as you say then no, you should be doing a very efficient job with very little loss. Hay stored outside and fed free choice will have the highest loss.

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