How to Start Your Own Farm

You’ve dreamed of becoming a farmer, growing food

All the grazing management tips you need

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2 thoughts on “How to Start Your Own Farm

  1. Great list, I’d add a couple caveats to #7. 1) Find mentors that are succeeding in what you are trying to do, and listen very carefully to their advice! 2) Be all about your customer, to succeed at #3 you have to know and care what your customer wants, and adapt to it. and finally 3) Cultivate relationships with your farming neighbors. I agree, don’t worry about them laughing t your enterprises, but still be good neighbors, that is a wonderful part of the rural life. Plus to stay away from debt, there are wonderful synergies that can bring equipment costs down: borrow/rent the tractor, trailer or whatever piece of equipment if you only need it a couple times a year, hire the services, offer yours as a side job, find people who will cover chores if you want to go to a conference, who will help you get the cows in…. And many opportunities for great friendship which can help from making farming a lonely enterprise.

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