The Beauty of a Day On Pasture

Have you ever found yourself trying to explain to someone what you do and why? Have you searched for the words to describe the beauty of the sun rising over your farm or ranch, and how it feels to move the cows from pasture to pasture? It's hard to translate the pictures in your mind and the feelings in your heart and soul into the millions of words it would take. Maybe that's what was on the minds of the folks at Organic Valley when they put together this web page. As you scroll down you'll watch the sun come up and hear the farmer singing his cows in for the morning milking. There's the hard work, play, and sense of community, finishing off with one of the happiest sounds I know: cows munching grass on pasture. Enjoy. And share it with friends and colleagues.   We also want to thank Organic Valley for their support of On Pasture. They know how important it is that you have the information we need to be sustainable and successful and so when we needed help, they sent it. If you have a minute, you can send an email t

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