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Fool Me Once – But Not Twice!

Vendors are in different locations all over town. Interested in a nice vacation? Click for info! :-)
Vendors are in different locations all over town. Interested in a nice vacation? Click for info! 🙂

I love the Tucson Gem and Mineral show. It’s not because I’m a huge fan of rocks, though there are plenty of them to see at the show. I love the show because it is 2 weeks of all the artists and craftspeople on the planet bringing their wares to town. It started on Saturday, and so my folks and I headed out to see what the world brought to our doorstep this year.

We’re always on the lookout for something we’ve never seen before, and this year it was “Monatomic Andara Crystals.” It was a table full of what looked like chunks of glass in blues, greens, reds, and yellows. The salesperson explained that these crystals came from “one of earth’s high-energy vortex sites in the high Sierra mountains of northern California.”  He told us this area is rich in monatomic minerals, single atom metal elements that behave differently than normal metals. As a result, the crystals have a very high vibrational energy and this can restore health and equilibrium and expand consciousness.

My consciousness was immediately expanded by just looking at the crystals and I was transported in my mind back to when I heard a similar pitch and I was bamboozled into buying a rubber bracelet with a hologram purported to give me great balance, strength and flexibility. I looked at Dad and said, as I’d said back then, “Go ahead, try to push me over! You can’t! I have a special bracelet!” We walked away with a little literature but no crystals since they sell for about $400 a pound.

Waste glass (also called Cullet glass) on the left. Andara crystals on the right.
Waste glass (also called Cullet glass) on the left. Andara crystals on the right.

That evening I did a little internet checking on these amazing crystals, starting with the sciencey word that came up the most often. Monatomic applies to single atom gases and while all chemicals will become monatomic, it’s only in the gas state, not the solid state. Checking further it turns out these “crystals” are actually chunks of waste glass from factories. Another fraud avoided.

TysonCharlatansQuoteNow, if you’ve already purchased your Andara crystal and it’s helping you, that’s great. The human brain and the power of suggestion can be very valuable wellness tools. All I want to do is point out that there are questions you might ask before you empty your wallet, questions that improve your scientific literacy. We shared those questions last week with a demonstration of my own bamboozlement. This week, we demonstrate using them to look at Keyline Plowing and Soil Balancing, two practices that producers have been encouraged to adopt. Our goal? Just to make sure we all know when to keep our money in our pocket.

Thanks for reading and asking questions!


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