One thought on “Does Compost Tea Improve Pasture? Part 2

  1. Interesting topic, and a well written article series!

    Is it possible that you already had the biodiversity in your soil? The conditions you create by proper management is of course crucial for encouraging the “good” soil organisms to grow and thrive, so what difference would a bit of dilluted compost really do if the little buggers was already there? But if you started out with a heavily degraded, bare and overtilled soil that hasn’t seen anything but NPK and fungicide for the last fifty years, then it surely would have done a difference, wouldn’t it ?

    Another possible explanation could be that the grazing animals have spread the bacteria and fungi to the untreated aerea during the course of your trial.

    It’s hard to come by research on this topic. Maybe Dr. Ingham would be interested in your work? I’ve heard her repeat in several lectures that its really hard to do research on these methods.

    Looking forward to your next article.


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