Time is Not Always Money

As I’ve gotten older I take farm safety a bit more seriously.  Becoming a father has also made me more aware of the importance of taking precautions and changing habits. Proper Set Up The Labor Day incident involved cutting bulls.  At the time I did not have a squeeze chute.  I just had a head catch at the end of an alley.  I had to climb over the alley fence and get in behind the bull.  I had a friend there helping me, which is out of the norm for me.  After I cut the bull he fired off one good shot with his hind foot and hit me right in the eye.  I had protective sun glasses on and they cut into the side of my face, just a fraction of an inch from the corner of my eye removing a chunk of flesh.  It was a real challenge for the doctor to stitch it back together.  The hole in my head got infected, and when I’d wake up in the morning I’d have a bump bigger than a golf ball that I had to drain daily.  The doc told me he thought the sun glasses may have saved my eye.  This has made me an advocate for protective eye wear that matches the task you are doing. The take away from this example is I did not have the proper set up for cutting bulls.  Even though it meant I was leaving some profit behind I quit buying cutting bulls until I purchased a squeeze chute.  It was one of the better purchases I’ve ever made, given how many cattle I run through it in a year.  Its hard to justify risking your health because you are cheap like I was.  I might add, that

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2 thoughts on “Time is Not Always Money

  1. Thanks for the great tips, meant to improve safety. My safety lesson involves chain saws. I used to borrow or rent them and never had any training. They are simple right? Then I was assisting a human pathologist with postmortem examinations. There had been a man having trouble with a chain saw and a log. He called his son over to help him. The son came running and fell onto the chain saw. It only took about half a square inch out of his skin and his carotid artery.
    Years later I worked with a log home builder. He taught me to only run a chain saw if there is at least a 6 foot diameter circle around you with nobody else in it.

  2. Truckers with hot shocks are the worst. Every time I work with a truck driver, I am clear that any electric prod is to be left in the cab.

    The fastest way to load animals is slowly.

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