Grant Money Available for Producers Exploring Value Added Products

Do you have a commodity that you raise or grow that you are turning into a value added product and need to expand your market or customer base and do not have the resources to do so? Or do you have a

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One thought on “Grant Money Available for Producers Exploring Value Added Products

  1. I would look at last years announcement and get a draft submission setup before waiting for the announcement to come out. You can look at last year’s awardee’s (you probably know some of them!) and get a mentor to help with your application. If you wait to do everything after the announcement comes out you will most likely run out of time (as I almost did!). Last year they posted the announcement on May 8th and the package was due on July 7th… and everyone knows farmer’s aren’t busy that time of year! My only advice (whether you believe in taking money from the gov’t or not) is that this a good opportunity to get “free” funds to start a business – and the tracking of your expenses, sales, and time that the grant requires you to submit is something you should be doing anyways. You really only have to cash match 25% because if you’re just starting out who really pays themselves the other 25% that you can get from the grant? Also – make sure you allow for a “real” salary when including your wage time… they won’t blink if you say your time is worth $25-$30 an hr for your 25% wage match. Good luck!

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