Free Grazing Charts Help You Do Your Job AND Get a Life

Every year since On Pasture started, I've shared the new grazing charts for the year along with information about how they've made me a more successful grazier. They've helped me extend my grazing season, take better care of my forage, improve my soils and they've even improved my life by helping me make time for my family and even a vacation here and there. You Can Do It Too! First, download the grazing chart that suits you best from the list below. I made the charts that I use as part of a NE SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) project, working with a team that included farmers to create something that would be easy to use and fit a variety of operations. 2016-17_10_paddock_long_version_dated_10_month_april-jan 2016-17_20_paddock_long_version_dated_10_month_april-jan 2016-17_30_paddock_long_version_dated_10_month_april-jan 2016-17_40_paddock_long_version_dated_10_month_april-jan 2016-17_grazing_dated_10_paddock_12_month_chart_april_1st-march_31st 2016-17_grazing_dated_30_paddock_12_month_chart_april_1_to_mar._31 2016-17_grazing_dated_50_paddock_12_month_chart_april_1st-_march_31st Next, read my past On Pasture articles I've shared to help you understand how the charts work and how to get started.  Just click here for links to all

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