Weaning Calves on Pasture

Fence-line weaning calves has become much more common in the last few years. We’ve been weaning calves this way since 1987. We didn’t discover this method by study and research, but by cows and calves busting loose the first night of weaning and ending up next to each other on the opposite side of a woven wire fence. Since we weren’t sure we could get the calves back to the weaning pen without a great deal of work and seeing how calm both groups were lying in the field, we decided to leave them on grass right where they were. It worked so well we just kept on weaning this way. Over the years we’ve weaned thousand of calves using this method and can count on one hand the number of calves we’ve had to treat for sickness. Here are few photos of weaning day last week. This isn’t very exciting but I enjoy seeing how other producers do things on their farms and I hope you do as well. The cows were close to two miles away on this cold, grey Missouri morning. The above picture shows a new lane (and our new boss post!) we built to help bring the cows through some pretty wild country. I lead the cows and Judy brings up the rear. The cattle were full this morning and in no hurry. The cows, at this point in the drive, were spread out close to a mile. They were all walking, but some walked faster than others! [caption id="attachment_18168" align=

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2 thoughts on “Weaning Calves on Pasture

  1. I added two more elements, I didn’t gather pairs until the calves had time to suck and eat some grass. After penning I let them set for an hour to suck again and get comfortable. I wanted them to go out with a full belly. Doing this is not waste of time. Work with cattle on their terms, not yours. Also, I gave no preweaning shots and never doctored a calf.

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