Quick Pasture Improvements From Managed Grazing

WyomingGrazingSchoolsquareHere are some examples of managed grazing healing blowouts from one of our client ranches in the Nebraska Sand Hills. In both cases the fence line contrast shows one of their pastures using set stocking compared to managed grazing on the client side of the fence.

The really bright side of the story is this is the result with only one season using a MiG-approach. A year ago both sides looked about the same. Both sides had a long history of set stocking a small herd in each pasture. Pooling the herds and moving them through multiple pastures has made the difference.

Sand Hills blow out healing 1

The pasture to the left was still in the old management mode of a small herd left season long in the pasture. The pasture to the right was grazed one time and then the stock moved off to allow the recovery for the remainder of the season.

Blow Out 2

Similar situation as the previous photo but with a smaller blowout. The pasture to the left was grazed for one week in early summer and was allowed to recover.

Blowout 3

An assortment of perennial native grasses along with a few annuals have quickly established to cover the bare soil that had been left at the end of the previous year’s season long grazing exposure. The natives came back naturally without mechanical seeding efforts? There were sideoats grama and a wheatgrass that I assume is western present among others.


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