Soil Health – Go Deeper

Rachel Gilker helped Dr. Weil as the editor of this 15th edition. It just came out in April of 2016!
Want to know everything about soil? Check out the 15th edition of the Nature and Properties of Soils, 15th edition!

Dr. Ray Weil has spent his whole life looking at and learning about soils and how they work to keep us all fed. In fact, he literally wrote the book on soils.

He has a message for farmers and ranchers concerned about how their soils affect forage growth and profitability: Think deeper. Think about more than the top 12 inches. There’s a lot going on down there, and in fact that could be where a lot of the moisture your forage needs is. In this first 3:48 minute video he takes you on a tour of a soil pit to show you what’s going on further down than we normally look.

Sometimes that moisture is trapped below a “plow pan” or a layer of compacted soil. But you don’t need a bigger tractor with a bigger plow to break that up. In this second video Ray says, “Let nature do it for you” with the simple addition of cover crops. Check it out!


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