Greg Judy Extends Grazing Season With Cover Crops

The summer of 2015 was droughty in Missouri and by October, regrowth was pretty non-existent due to the lack of moisture. But in spite of it all, the cover crop mix that Greg planted in July was doing well. In this video, Greg describes what they did, and how it worked out for him. It gives you a good example of what you might be able to accomplish as well. You’ll also get a good look at the cattle that Greg and his wife Jan are raising. These South Polls look very happy and healthy!

Greg will be the featured presenter at two workshops in Faith and Gary, South Dakota on August 30 and September 1, 2016. He’ll be sharing his knowledge of growing and managing winter stockpile, building healthy soil with mob-grazing, grazing leases, multi-species grazing and more. Click here for more information on locations and registration.

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