Fall Stockpiling and Pasture Housekeeping Tips

As Jim Gerrish wrote last week, Water Makes Grass Grow, and boy did it grow grass this year in Indiana where Victor Shelton works and farms. He says that thanks to all the moisture he's gotten, both cool and warm season grasses were still growing in early September. With all the high rainfall, it was hard not to get some pugging and disturbance. But a little rest and those areas revegetated quickly. Victor says, "Under more normal conditions, pastures with this type of disturbance (where you can actually see bare ground in some places), would have yielded a host of disturbance-loving weeds mid-summer, such as crabgrass, annual ragweed, and foxtail. They didn’t compete very well this year with the relentless forage growth, but persistent hiding perennials liked the opportunity. Perennials such as goldenrod and ironweed did well and reached my mowing threshold requirement in some areas." So how do you prep for fall with all that moisture behind you? Here's what Victor has been doing. Clipping/Mowing for the Future I’ve clipped a lot more pasture this year than normal, but it was needed for a couple reasons. First, I wanted to make sure I was maximizing the solar panel and keep forages growing as long as possible. The more growth you get this time of year, the longer you will be able to graze. Second, since the weeds ar

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