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There is no Pepsi in our cooler.  We offer regionally-made kombucha.  There are no Snickers bars on our counter.  We bake fresh pie every morning from local fruit.  We don’t fry eggs to order.  We can’t grow enough eggs to supply our local customers’ demand for fresh eggs as it is.  We don’t sell sandwiches.  The menu is gluten-free, and outside of the occasional home-smoked side of bacon or ham, we don’t make processed meats. We never made a conscious choice to exclude Pepsi, Snickers, fried eggs and sandwiches from our offerings.  They simply never even entered our consciousness, because they didn’t make sense with our mission and our business model. But, it turns out, their exclusion became a source of controversy. We bought the cafe building a little over a year ago.  Around January, Clint, our butcher, drove over and removed the overhead doors once used for moving the town’s firetrucks in and out of the garage.  Larry, our contractor, promptly installed the cafe windows in their place.  And as best I can figure, that’s when people started talking:  West Fulton is getting a general store.  West Fulton is getting a bar.  West Fulton is getting a diner. We put up a sign to correct the rumors:  West Fulton was getting a farm store and a cafe. It didn’t matter. The first day we opened this past July, it seemed that

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