Low-Stress Livestock Handling – Approaching Your Cows Before Driving

Whit Hibbard has been sharing tips for how we can all improve our stockmanship skills. If you've missed anything in this series, here are links to all the articles. Let's talk about driving our liv

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One thought on “Low-Stress Livestock Handling – Approaching Your Cows Before Driving

  1. Thanks Whit,

    I had a small mob of 35 escape through a rotten fence on a rented property the other day. They were obviously quite excited to be out and we 1 day new to me so they had only really been introduced to a bit of calm driving the day before to say hello. I was on my own, on foot, in a 150 acre field trying to move them. I did it in the end by getting them steady but before this they were marching off faster than I could walk in a direction and walking a parallel line next to them to head them was pushing them on. The temptation is to get closer to them to head them quick but in the middle of a large field this just pushes them the other way. Would it be OK to jog ahead as long as I angled away from them to keep pressure off or is it just best to let them settle and slowly make a good approach and start from there?

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