A Really Big Graphic Gives Perspective On Earth’s Temperature

The average temperature on earth has always had its ups and downs. Changes in the tilt of the earth's axis, volcanic activity, changes in solar activity and more have all helped make the planet warmer

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3 thoughts on “A Really Big Graphic Gives Perspective On Earth’s Temperature

  1. Studying this timeline was informative and entertaining. I’d like to think that it could change the minds of most global warming deniers. As a scientist, I would have more confidence in the accuracy of the graph and be more willing to send it to others to see, if you can supply some references to reliable published reports that you used.

    1. I checked around and then finally blew up the graph really big and found the sources Randall Munroe had used in tiny letters on the right side of the graph. Hopefully I read them correctly. I’m adding links to the papers that I found associated with the references.

      Shakun et al (2012)

      Marcott et al (2013)

      Annan and Hargreaves (2013)

      Hadcrut4 IPCC

      Hope that helps!

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