My First Wonderful Lease Part 2

In his book "No Risk Ranching" Greg Judy describes how he went from liquidating his cow herd and almost losing the family farm, to paying off the farm and home loan in three years by custom grazing on leased land. Since then, Greg has been traveling the country telling folks how to grow a successful business through leasing and good management of the soil and forage. This series is drawn from a chapter in "No Risk Ranching." Last week Greg described the inspiration and numbers  for his first lease. In Part 2, he describes some of the challenges he ran into and how he learned from them to expand his business. The first 30 cow-calf pairs were delivered to the farm lease the first week of March. They'd been on hay all winter and were ready to do some grazing. I had 50 of the 90 acres fenced. Then starting in mid April it rained 2" to 3" every day for three weeks straight. All the fields went to mush, so I kept the cows up on the highest ground, but ran out of grass pretty shortly. When it seemed things couldn't get any worse, they did. I came by to check the cows after work one night. It was raining like it had every day that month. The cattle owner was stomping up the hill toward me in the downpour. He was madder than a hornet because the neighbor's mongrel bull had decided to come across the fence to visit the new ladies. The owner explained that when we pulled up to the gate, there was Rufus mounted on the man's favorite cow. [caption id="attachment_22858" ali

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