Meat Cuts for the Spring-Summer Market Season

It is lovely  to dwell in the happy land of winter feasting, the braising and stew season, fixing pot roasts for Sunday dinner, or stirring up a bunch of chili for weeknight suppers.  But as farmers, we need to be looking forward to the spring and summer market season to make sure that we have an inventory of meats that will satisfy upcoming customer demands.  Too often, when we take animals in to the butcher, we have standard cutting instructions – either by our own choice, or by the butcher’s.  However, each season requires that we have our animals prepared a little differently. In my experience, I’ve found that there are often two types of cooks who visit our booth in the warm months:  Summer Bunnies and Flame Throwers. Summer Bunnies seem to use the warm season as a diet regime.  While they may be responsible for their family’s nutrition, they have little interest in cooking, and even less interest in eating.  These folks would far prefer to nibble a few salad greens than to look at our meat cuts, but the demands of sharing their table with hungry friends and family members requires that they pay the meat stall a visit.  As meat producers, our job is to pair them with meats that cook quickly with minimal fuss, and that let them get back outside to the garden, the swimming whole, or their kids’ ball games. Flame Throwers are an entirely different lot.  They approach the meat booth with a swagger, and they talk about their grills and barbecues li

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2 thoughts on “Meat Cuts for the Spring-Summer Market Season

  1. Another very good steak that can be cut thin for minute steaks is the coulotte steak, cut from the sirloin cap.

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