The Progressing Farmer Goes to the Bank…and Another Bank…and Another…

This is Part 4 in a series from Jenn Colby describing her process of buying a farm in Vermont. In Part 1, "How to Start Your Own Farm From Scratch," Jenn described her drive to farm, how hard she worked to make a go of it on a tight budget and the business plan that told her, "don’t quit your day job" and how she persisted and moved forward. and maybe get a better paying job so you can afford your farming dream, and how that led her to grad school AND 4 foundation ewes for the farm she dreamed of. In Part 2, "Getting Your Head Right," she described how thinking about things in a new way helped her and her husband get together on the farm dream to move forward.  Part 3, "How to Pick the Right Farm" covers what she did to make sure the farm worked, looking at pros and cons and the enterprises the farm could support. Now we've made it to Part 4. Jenn and her husband have a farm picked out and all they need is the financing. See how they fight their way through the forest of forms and red tape to finally buy the farm! Their lessons will be useful for your own journey. We found the right property, had a sweet business and grazing plan written up, went right to the bank where we secured financing smoothly, and closed on the farm in six weeks.  And we all lived happily ever after.  The End. Not quite. Remember that graphic about “your plan” vs. “reality”?  Yeah. Prior to selling our old house, we had reached out to a farm finance acquaintance work

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