How to Guide and Turn Cattle When Driving Them

Here's another step in Whit Hibbard's series on good stockmanship using techniques developed by Bud Williams. You can see all the parts in the series here. For this article, you'll especially want to refresh your memory by looking at "The Moves You Need to Know for Low-Stress Livestock Handling," "Low-Stress Livestock Handling Dance Steps," and "Low-Stress Livestock Handling - Approaching Your Cows Before Driving."  In those articles, Whit looked at how to properly approach, start and drive a herd of cattle to create and maintain “good movement,” which is when the animals willingly go where we want and at a pace that is comfortable for them. Then he looked at how to speed up a herd or slow it down and some things to avoid that interfere with good movement. Now we need to look at guiding that movement. Good turns are very important, but how many stockmen think of that? I sure didn’t. And I certainly didn’t know there was more than one way to turn a herd. I thought there was only one way, and that was to ride up to the lead and shove them over, which is fine as long as we have good movement. If we don’t have good movement we might slow or stop movement, which is very detrimental to our goal of driving our animals somewhere. “When driving livestock you want to make good turns. If you don’t make good

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One thought on “How to Guide and Turn Cattle When Driving Them

  1. I would like permission to share these articles on driving in our regional club’s newsletter for publication. We are the Northwest Highland Cattle Association and I think many of our members (some of whom are not on Facebook or the Internet) would find them useful. I would give full credit. Thank you.

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