Asking the Right Question – Boosting Sales Part 2

We're selling all the time. It could be a calf, a car, an idea. It could be our experience and knowledge when we're competing for a job or a pasture lease. But most of us aren't comfortable as "salesmen." Last week Dave talked about how most of us like to help people, and that if we focus on solving other peoples' problems with our products, then selling becomes more doable. He started with understanding how to listen. Now let's ask the right questions. Questioning Some time ago I picked up a copy of The SPIN Selling Workbook by Neil Rackham. If you want to improve your sales skills, I highly recommend you get a copy of this book. In it, Rackham describes four types of questions represented by the acronym SPIN: 1. Situation Questions 2. Problem Questions 3. Implication Questions 4. Needs-Payoff Questions 1. Situation Questions As the name suggests, situation questions help us find out about someone’s situation. It is important to ask situation questions to get enough background to know if the person is a potential buyer, but be aware, asking too many situation questions has a negative impact on making a sale. You’ve probably heard that people like talking about themselves. Rackham disagrees. Busy people don’t want to waste their time telling you about themselves. They want to tell you about their problems. Ask only enough situation questions to give you the information you need to be able to ask intelligent questions about someone’s problems. [caption id=

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