How Do You Monitor Your Pastures?

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2 thoughts on “How Do You Monitor Your Pastures?

  1. I had a native grass mixture blended for me. In the Spring, I mix this in with the cows mineral. They eat the mineral and grass seed and re-seed my pastures for me. I add the grass seed in the Spring as their manure is pretty loose being on the new green grass. I quit as the summer progresses and the native grass becomes drier and their need for protein rises. They don’t notice the grass seed and it doesn’t lessen their desire for the mineral offered.

  2. One thing that I learned from a Holistic Planned Grazing course I took was to manage for the positive. I.e. find a really nice piece of your pasture and concentrate your efforts on figuring out what it is about that particular spot that makes it so good and work towards replicating those conditions on other parts of your pasture. When you make this your priority vs. getting rid of the “bad stuff” you’ll generally have more positive results….

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