Winter Shelter for Bale and Swath Grazing Cattle

If you’re thinking about leaving your cattle out to graze this winter, you might be wondering what kind of shelter they’ll need to protect them from the cold, wind and snow. You have a lot of options, as the ranchers in this 5:00 minute video from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry demonstrate.

Some ranchers have found that their cattle don’t use shelters much, others put up movable fence shelters, or snow fence. You’ll even see how you can lay out your bales to provide all the windbreak the cattle will need. We hope it will get you thinking creatively about what you can do on your own place.

This video is part of a series showing how Alberta ranchers approach winter grazing. We’re sharing some of the videos this fall to help you think about how this might work for you too, and to learn from some old hands at the practice. If you’re ready for more, head here to check out the whole video series.

If you’ve got suggestions of your own, share them in the comments below. And if you have questions, share those too. If one of our On Pasture Community doesn’t have an answer, we’ll be happy to look for a solution for you.


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