The Idea of a Stockshare – Managing Together for Better Pastures and Better Profits

This is the third in a series of articles looking at how ranchers in Texas might work together to manage a landscape as a whole. Read Part 1 here, and Part 2, here. In my last two articles, I wrote about how a “Stockshare” program could help livestock raisers in the Gulf Coast region of Texas protect themselves from drought and return some of the elements of a grassland that suppress brush. Most importantly, I described how a continuous or low-intensity pasture rotation creates the conditions for an uphill battle against both brush and drought, and how they contribute to this situation. In addition, I described how land fragmentation has driven the economies of scale to the point that most producers cannot invest the time and resources to combat this problem on their own, even with the aid of Natural Resources Conservation Service, TPWD, and other landowner incentive programs. I wrote these articles because I wanted to propose a production model that reverses these trends, while continuing to preserve the livelihood, ownership, and heritage of ranching in Texas. Therefore, in this article I’d like to describe how an actual Stockshare might function with the right combination of landowners, with a specific emphasis on my own experiences grazing cattle in the upper Gulf Coast region and how the economics of this model might actually square between landowners of different stripes who represent the diversity of landowners in Texas. The bedrock of any arrangement betwe

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One thought on “The Idea of a Stockshare – Managing Together for Better Pastures and Better Profits

  1. What about a herd of goats to work on brush control and resprout? Goat prices exceed those of cattle on an animal unit basis and have a higher reproductive rate. Fencing and predator solutions exist.

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