January 1, 2018

Managing Across Boundaries For Mutual Success

An old farmer once told me, when I was getting my start in the ranching business, “You don’t control the wind, but you can at least set your sail.” To me, that sounded like a fair deal. If the ranch is the ship, than beyond the perimeter fences lies the ocean. When I stand there, […]

December 18, 2017

The Idea of a Stockshare – Managing Together for Better Pastures and Better Profits

This is the third in a series of articles looking at how ranchers in Texas might work together to manage a landscape as a whole. Read Part 1 here, and Part 2, here. In my last two articles, I wrote about how a “Stockshare” program could help livestock raisers in the Gulf Coast region of […]

December 11, 2017

Looking Drought in the Eye – Working Together to Get Through the Next One

The week that I got married, the drought of 2011 finally broke. I will never forget the Justice of the peace saying to everybody gathered, in his gravelly voice, “Now that Will and Laura are married, maybe the good lord will water the earth a little.” Sure enough, within a couple of days the first […]

December 4, 2017

Like a Prairie – A Big Picture View of Grazing Management

Welcome to Will Kearney, a new On Pasture author. In this series, Will Kearney introduces a big idea about how we might manage prairies in a way more consistent with their ecological history and that could improve the landscape and our success as ranchers.

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