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Fire Up Your Beef Production

By   /  January 1, 2018  /  2 Comments

“Fire can be used as a tool, but fire is not a tool. Fire is part of the ecosystem process and it is just as important as rainfall on the land.” See what the benefits are and how you can get started.

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“If you have any problems on your ranch at all with cedar encroachment, then fire necessarily
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Kathy worked with the Bureau of Land Management for 12 years before founding Livestock for Landscapes in 2004. Her twelve years at the agency allowed her to pursue her goal of helping communities find ways to live profitably AND sustainably in their environment. She has been researching and working with livestock as a land management tool for over a decade. When she's not helping farmers, ranchers and land managers on-site, she writes articles, and books, and edits videos to help others turn their livestock into landscape managers.


  1. Kim Hunter - The Green Goats says:

    Goats chomp down young cedars and girdle older ones. Left to dry the dead cedars can increase the fire fuel – if you need that to get a complete burn. Goats can also be used in years too dry to safely burn. The goats will benefit from some hay or graze to go with their cedars.

  2. Martin says:

    Cattle given the access to burnt country will also lick up the burnt material . Reason being that , like us , charcoal works in the stomach taking with it toxins , bacteria and some intestinal parasites. The added bonus is the dung beetles bury it assisting the soil microbiota .

    Feeding charcoal/biochar to cattle has the same , if not better results . How do you get them to eat it ? Training …. start by feeding charcoal with molasses and reduce it over time . There’s also an option to supplement them with mineral licks with the charcoal .

    There’s a guy in Western Australia who has transformed his sandy country to a darker , more fertile soil using this method .

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