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Unrolling Hay for Feed and Pasture Fertility

Here’s Greg Judy, up at the crack of dawn to show us how he unrolls hay for feed and for pasture fertility.

He’s strip grazing to feed 300 cattle, and unrolling a 1500 bale to supplement them. He uses his ATV and a homemade bale unroller. It’s a lightweight solution that prevents driving ruts into his pasture. Cattle trample in about 20-25% of each bale, adding fertility to the pasture. He points out that the better quality hay you use, the better the fertility is that you’re adding to your pasture.

Greg spends some time showing you how the bale unroller works. If you’d like an bale unroller like this for your pickup truck, Greg makes and sells them. You can see one in action by clicking here. And you can contact Greg about them here.


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Greg Judy
Greg Judy
Greg and Jan Judy of Clark, Missouri run a grazing operation on 1400 acres of leased land that includes 11 farms. Their successful custom grazing business is founded on holistic, high-density, planned grazing. They run cows, cow/calf pairs, bred heifers, stockers, a hair sheep flock, a goat herd, and Tamworth pigs. They also direct market grass-fed beef, lamb and pork. Greg's popularity as a speaker and author comes from his willingness to describe how anyone can use his grazing techniques to create lush forage, a sustainable environment and a successful business.


  1. Great video. I use a similar bale unroller and it performs just as Greg describes. And yes the cows trample about 25%. The trampled hay is a great carbon source that ultimately feeds the soil. Good for the cows and the soil. I’m in !

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