Farm Hack Fly Traps

I recently joined the Regenerative Grazing Group Facebook page. Participants share information and ask questions about what's going on in their pastures and help each other think about how we can all

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2 thoughts on “Farm Hack Fly Traps

  1. This may sound antiquated, but if we’re moving to more holistic farming methods, what about having chickens in with the cattle or following the cattle?

    I know it’s easier said than done, but definitely something to contemplate for animal and soil health.

    1. Chickens only do so much, and that’s only for certain species of fly (those that lay in the manure). There’s still the issues of (a) first flies in the season, (b) all the ones that will fly in from neighboring lands, and (c) those that chickens aren’t really going to be able to intercept as various life stages.
      And mechanical traps and sticky paper are surely more holistic than insecticides on the animals and environment.

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