Increase Your Profit by Understanding Marketing

I recently read on article here in On Pasture where Kathy wrote that she’s tired of people talking about how little money they make, and that some youngsters think agriculture should be a public service. For years I thought the biggest problem facing animal agriculture is the brain drain. Think about it, generations before us all made a living doing it and now all of a sudden we can’t? Sure we have challenges they didn’t have - thing is, you know what? They had challenges too. Plain and simple this is a 6000+ year old industry, and we are the first generation that has accepted that we can’t make a living, and that’s our own fault. I am not going to get into how this faulty paradigm became main-stream or who is behind it. Instead I’d rather offer some thoughts on what you can do to change it for yourself. Understand  Marketing Marketing is a terribly misunderstood concept. I have asked many people what cattle marketing is, and I get some weird ramblings about a variety of things. Marketing is not haggling with a buyer to get a higher price. That’s just an argument. Marketing is not trying to leverage a deal to give you an advantage over your customer. That’s just cheating someone and that someone will not be back. Who will you rip off next time? On that note marketing is not a repeat customer. Marketing is not trying to get the highest price when you sell. I know people who top the market and still lose money. I know of people who lost money i

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