So, Which Is It – Drought Planning or Weed Management?

Let me admit this right up front: I’m not all that organized. I feel like I should have a big notebook with little plastic dividers, each section filled with specific guidance on some critical Ranch Management area. Grass Management. Custom Grazing. Marketing. Habitat Projects. Finance. And probably about ten more. Sorry, I just can’t seem to get that done. Still, I do have some scribbled reminders that wind up kicking me into action, and perhaps the most critical one is my Drought Plan. The “Plan” goes something like this: When my anxiety level about soil moisture, weather patterns, sward conditions (and a few other, less identifiable issues) grows to the point of sleep-losing obsession, I make critical decisions about de-stocking. This is not as hard as it sounds, as I have designed a Stocking Plan that includes a minimum of 33% animals that are fairly easy to liquidate: yearlings, custom grazers, dry cows. This year, I began staring at the sky and mumbling to myself about half way through the heart of our growing season. Soon enough, my wife said: “Better get rid of some cows.” “Yes Ma’am.” The yearlings left two weeks ahead of schedule. I cancelled a load of summer-grazing custom cows. I weeded through the cow herd a bit, sending some pretty good cows to the butcher pen. It hasn’t really rained in the mean time, but I’m sleeping pretty well. This focus on drought might seem strange to some folks. After all, I live in western Oregon

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2 thoughts on “So, Which Is It – Drought Planning or Weed Management?

  1. Excellent article John. I printed it out for our office. We get a lot of producers this time of year asking what the best chemical is to get rid of their weed.

  2. Nice article John. Good luck with your drought planning. We are in D4 drought designation right now here in SE CO.

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