Don’t Play Their Game, Play Yours! Focusing on Efficiency Creates Profitability

This article by Joe Carey, Vice President and Senior Ag Loan Officer at Arbor Bank, comes to us from the Ficke Cattle Company newsletter and Del Ficke. Thank you!  Thanks too to Jason Gross, former extension specialist at University of Nebraska Lincoln who has shared these concepts with lots of folks. Farms and ranches have always been as unique as the people running them; and, they can range greatly in size and scope. A lot of this diversity depends on the geography of the particular area. Different areas are better-suited for different types of agricultural production – from row-crop to cow/calf production and everything in-between. There are all sorts of approaches on farms and ranches that vary significantly from region to region, including: terminology, equipment and overall strategy. A cow/calf operation in Iowa isn’t likely to function very similarly to one in say, Nevada. So, it’s important to keep those things in mind when you look at any operation. In order to get a clear picture of what’s going on, you have to first take time to really understand it. There is no magic bullet to ag lending and generalizing can get lenders in trouble quickly. That being said, there are a few things that hold true across the board, reg

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One thought on “Don’t Play Their Game, Play Yours! Focusing on Efficiency Creates Profitability

  1. I will upset a lot of people with this, but it needs to be said. Our land grant universities put all out production as the way to profit. Why? First the cost of all out production was not considered. More bushels and bigger calves were not judged by net profit, only the increased numbers. Then take a look at the fertilizer and chemical companies that support universities with millions upon millions to support their sales. The research they want is to prove their product increases production. NOTTHING about cost and net profit. Therefore the backward slide. Thanks Del Ficke and On Pasture.

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