Can You Be a Grazing Soothsayer?

Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas waxed poetic about the future with a thought that could be relevant for those of us trying to predict our grazing future: “I am incredibly bad at predicting the future; I am only smart enough to observe the present and listen to my intuition about tendencies.” As a farmer, this resonates well with me.  I can see it in the work I did back in 2014-15 when I took the On Pasture Community along on my grazing planning and soothsaying adventure for that grazing season. Kathy helped me by highlighting the pasture resource that we started with in this video. It shows what I started with (including the pastures where overgrazing had occurred), and then my figures for how much forage I'd need to extend my grazing season into the winter. Then we showcased how the soothsaying actually went based on the tendencies of our farm, my management and Mother Nature. Over 9,000 of you followed along as I tried. The planning and day to day moves were fairly predictable until the big rains in late November followed by a snowstorm on December 8th that year, which messed up the future right in front of your eyes. (Read the whole series here!) But was it really worth the try, this h

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