The Language You Need to Be Using in Your Marketing

You’re Not Selling What You Think You're Selling... Most farmers think they sell grass-fed beef, or raw milk, organic chicken or fresh flowers. But when it comes to marketing, that language won

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2 thoughts on “The Language You Need to Be Using in Your Marketing

  1. Hi, Jamie –

    You’re so right – car salesman for sure – and the example I love to use is a Papa Murphy’s radio commercial. They nailed it!

    Most people know the “what” as you pointed out. Farmers interested in turning their sales upward will totally appreciate the “how” – it’s fun to see it in action.

  2. It’s called “Feature Benefit Selling” and it’s been a mainstay of professional salesmanship for many decades. People buy what the product does for them, not its specifications. Just listen to a car salesman sometime. Nothing new here, just its application, but congratulations on rediscovering it.

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