Choosing the Right Partner for a Custom Grazing Deal

Meg will be part of the On Pasture symposium at the upcoming National Grazing Lands Conference in Reno, Nevada, December 2 - 5, 2018. Register before October 16 for the best rates - just $395 for you and bring a friend or spouse for $175 more! Custom graziers and herd owners both need to be very careful when choosing to work with one another. It’s difficult to put together a deal with stability and longevity, mostly for interpersonal relations reasons. Both parties should ask around about their potential business partner. I don’t ask for references, because people only use for references those they get along with. I am more interested in the person’s reputation in their community and in the grazing industry. Farming communities tend to be full of gossip, so if someone has been dishonest, it gets around. Keep a list of contacts you meet at grazing conferences, farmers’ markets, and other such events. Run a potential partner’s name by them. Talk to the local livestock truckers, feed mill and farm store management, and your potential partner’s neighbors. Doing this kind of digging would have saved me from at least two failed custom grazing/land leasing deals in the past. A grazier should look for a herd owner with a track record of success in the livestock business. Try to get a hold of people who work for that farm or company to find out what you can about the state of the business. If the employees don’t enjoy working there, that’s a strong indicat

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One thought on “Choosing the Right Partner for a Custom Grazing Deal

  1. I think this is excellent advice: “If you want to gain more experience before you take on a custom herd, start a very small scale operation of your own. Rent a few acres and get a couple cattle. Keep your project small enough that you could absorb the cost if it doesn’t work out right away. Scale up as you get more comfortable and as you become better qualified for financing and contracts.”

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