Use Caution When Feeding Soybeans to Cattle

With drought impacting feed availability, and tariffs reducing soybean exports, some of us may be looking at ways to use what we have a lot of to make up for a lack of grazeable forage. While soybeans

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3 thoughts on “Use Caution When Feeding Soybeans to Cattle

  1. I just returned from a trip to Wisconsin (eastern). What was once a dairy region is now almost all cash crops: corn, winter wheat, soy, alfalfa. I saw no grazing by dairy cows, although I didn’t make a great survey. Lots of the soy had quite the weed load, almost certainly due to poor spraying practices and/or resistant weeds. For the good of that fine farmland, maybe backgrounding some beef and grazing might be a good idea instead of soybeans for export.

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