THE Pastured Poultry Directory You’ve Been Looking For

If you’re a pastured poultry producer, or would like to be, you need to know about It’s a site put together by David Whittaker of Oak Meadows Farm. David noticed that there were sites that listed hatcheries or sites for processing facilities, but there wasn’t a site where you could go to find everything in one place. So he made one. includes information on hatcheries, feed mills, processors and places to buy equipment. The information on the site comes from conversations David had with folks on Facebook, and from searching on Google, so there may be some discrepancies. For example, David did not contact every processing plant so some that are listed may be USDA certified, though they’re not listed as such on the site, and others may not be USDA certified, or may not offer processing at all. It’s up to each farmer to contact a plant and find out what they offer.

David Whittaker is the main farmer at Oak Meadows Farm and manages all the day to day operations. He recently graduated with an AA degree in Agribusiness and enjoys archery, fishing, reading, and traveling in his spare time. His parents work alongside him and support him in his endeavors.

If you come across links that aren’t working or you have information on facilities that have closed or that have opened, let David know using the contact form on the site. He will try to keep it as up-to-date as possible. Just keep in mind that he runs a pastured poultry farm full time from spring through fall, so updates may have to wait until winter for updates.

David built this site as a service to his fellow poultry producers, absorbing all the costs for site hosting, maintenance and more. If this is valuable to you and you’d like to continue having it at your fingertips, consider sending David a little support by clicking on the button on his website.

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