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High-Tensile Fencing Tips from Greg Judy

High-tensile electric fence is the most effective and economical fence that you can build on leased land and it’s what I put up after negotiating a 10 year lease on a farm that had no fencing.

In this 2:38 video, I describe how I set up a 5-strand hi-tensile fence using 12.5 gauge 180,000 psi hi-tensile wire. It’s good for sheep, pigs, goats and cattle, and prevents deer from getting caught in it. You’ll also see the inexpensive replacement I use for the cotter keys that are normally sold with hi-tensile fencing.

The posts, and how you attach the wire, and maintain them is also a critical part of this fencing system. Check out this 4:32 video for details on how setting up corner posts. Our fiberglass corner posts don’t require insulators when you electrify your fence. Even better, they will never rot or rust. You simply pound them into the ground and build your fence. Quick to build and makes an attractive fence.


Since it’s fencing season we’ll be sharing more how-to tips over the next few weeks. I’ve found some great tips for barbed wire, and for welded wire fencing. Tell me what you need to know and I’ll look for the information you need! 

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