Greg Judy Talks Spring Turn Out on Green Pastures Farm

Folks asked me to do a video showing what it looks like as I’m getting ready to turn cows out this Spring. So here’s a video from April 4. In this video you’ll see the green grass that is ready for our cattle, along with the old grass – a perfect mixture for making sure our cows don’t get too loose during spring grazing.

As an added bonus, I dig through some manure pats to show you all the earthworms growing underneath. Did you know a worm lives seven years, and in that time can produce 1.2 million more? Worm castings from just 25 worms per square foot, you’re looking at thousands of pounds of castings per acre per year. Those castings have the just about perfect pH of 7 too.

I’d like to add that things weren’t always this way on our farms. I made a lot of mistakes along the way and almost went bankrupt, before getting things figured out. Today, I work hard to help other folks not have to make the same mistakes I made. One way I do that is by sponsoring On Pasture and writing articles. Another is by putting on a grazing school every May. This is our 11th year, and once again, we’ll be working with Ian Mitchell-Innes and Mark Bader. Here’s a little more about that:

Visit our website to learn more about this year’s grazing school.

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  1. Thank you for the video clip. It helps us, in a very different climate, get a visual picture of what may help us determine exactly when to turn out the cows.

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