Our Lands – A Story of the Important Work You’re Doing Every Day

Conservation of our lands and soil is vital to humanity. Yet the benefits of the work farmers and ranchers do every day is often underappreciated. That's where this video comes in. Produced by the National Grazing Lands Coalition (NatGLC), it shares one of the many stories about the importance of the work you do every day. "I think people have forgotten the large amounts of land that ranchers like us preserve and maintain in order to raise beef and provide ecosystem services," says Chad Ellis, NatGLC's Board Chair. "It’s time for a fresh perspective being taken into account when discussing our country’s lands and I think that this video is very effective in communicating this message. Ranchers need to be part of the conversation on climate change solutions because they very well could be the answer." We'll be sharing more from Meredith Ellis and G Bar C Ranch about how they do what they do, and we'll be talking about programs that help farmers and ranchers demonstrate the important services grazing provides. But for now, let's just enjoy a really good video. https://youtu.be/sjcRDiO5yOo The National Grazing Lands Coalition has provided critical financial support to On Pasture so that we can keep on bringing you the information you need. This video is another example of the great work they do to support graziers across the country. Thank you, NatGLC!  

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