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Why Selling on Social Media No Longer Works (and What Does)

We introduced Charlotte Smith’s new podcast back in June. Today, we want to share one of her latest episodes because it answers many of the questions farmers have about how to find customers and get the word out about their products. Enjoy!

The social landscape of Facebook and Instagram have drastically changed in the past several years and “things aren’t what they used to be.”

The days of posting on social media and actually having all your friends see it are long gone. Today, you’re lucky if 6 or 7 friends see a post.

With all the changes occurring on social media, you may be getting frustrated, wondering where to put your time and attention. Facebook? Instagram? Email? Blogging?

I’ve got some answers for you. In this episode of the Profitable Mindset Podcast, we’ll talk about what you can do and where you should be focusing your time when it comes to marketing. I also set you up with a free step-by-step video course on setting up your farm’s website and a worksheet on how to retain and attract new customers with blogging.

Yes, social media has its place in marketing, but when it comes to selling and making money, Facebook and Instagram are the last place you want to go.

Find out why, and what you can do to find and connect with your customers.

Download the blogging worksheet here.

Check out the video course on creating your website here.

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Charlotte Smith
Charlotte Smithhttp://www.3cowmarketing.com
Charlotte Smith farms in Oregon and is the founder of 3CowMarketing.com, an online marketing training company helping farmers across the nation learn relationship-based online marketing techniques to grow a successful, profitable farm business. Additionally, she hosts “The Profitable Farm with Charlotte Smith” private Facebook group, a community of farmers focused on connecting with others to learn, share and gain support. Due to her dedication to improving the soil, animals and the people who eat their products, In 2016 Charlotte was named one of the Top 25 Most Influential Women in the World in Food and Agriculture by the non-profit, Food Tank. Charlotte is also the proud mother of a United States Marine, lives in St. Paul, Oregon on the farm with her husband, Marc, (a teacher) and her 2 daughters. You can visit Charlotte at 3CowMarketing.com or inside “The Profitable Farm with Charlotte Smith” Facebook Group.

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