Transferring Skills and Experience to the Next Generation

Please join me in welcoming a new On Pasture sponsor!

Wally Olson has been in ranching and the livestock business his whole life, doing everything from hauling hay and cleaning stalls to being the ranch manager and owner/operator. Since the mid-’80s, he’s been on the Kelley Ranch in Vinita, Oklahoma. He began as a manager, but started leasing the ranch 8 years ago to run his own cattle business.

That word “business” is important to Wally, so much so that, instead of simply retiring, he is spending time transferring what he’s learned about being a profitable producer to help the next generation. Wally teaches Livestock Marketing as taught to him by Bud Williams, saying “I was able to put Bud’s Marketing to work and learn how to implement it. Now I want to help others learn what Bud and Eunice were so kind to help me learn.”

Joshua Dukart is a past attendee who says:

“Attending Wally Olson’s Marketing School was well worth the investment. Not only were the marketing and ranch management concepts distributed in an applicable and realistic manner, but it was a lifetime of experience that backed these profitable principles. In a ranching industry where truly being profitable is not necessarily the norm, this school provided evidence and hope that if we look at the value and relationships of grass, money, and stock differently, our future can look much brighter.”

Wally is offering three opportunities to attend the Livestock Marketing Schools in the next few months. You can visit his website to learn more and to register.

Wally’s goal is to put “old heads on young shoulders.” He says that’s one of the reasons he wanted to be an On Pasture sponsor – because we’re also focused on helping farmers and ranchers be successful.

Sponsors make it possible for On Pasture to come to you each week. So please join me in thanking Wally Olson for his support.

If you’d like to be sponsor too, please contact Peter Williams. He can help you choose a level of support that works for you and your organization.

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