Let’s Watch Grass Grow!

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Watch Grass Grow!

  1. Were measurements taken of the Orchard grass before and after grazing? It’s hard to tell from the video but they both look to about double in the 5 days where i’d have expected to see a bigger difference with the rotationally grazed/taller residue.

    1. They simulated grazing with clipping over time, then let us watch the difference in growth rates. It’s true that they both seem to double over time, but just like when you start with a larger number/height and double that, your forage is increasing more quickly than when you start with a smaller number/height, as in 2×2=4 and 4×4=16. Does that help?

  2. The photo time lapse sequence is great: clear and convincing (if we needed any convincing). It’s also something we could do at home in pots, but maybe better than that in a field with a rest for a stationery camera. I would like to see 1″ versus 6″ on orchardgrass. Maybe I’ll try to set it up?

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