Today’s Episode of Cooking With Power Tools – Making a Sandwich

Don't forget your safety goggles if you try this at home!

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Episode of Cooking With Power Tools – Making a Sandwich

  1. I attended a wedding where there were two wedding cakes; the traditional, and the “grooms-cake.” The grooms-cake was made to look like a stump and was literally cut by the groom with a smokin’ chain saw (next to an open door). If memory serves me, the teeth were removed from the chain so it wouldn’t fling cake all over when it cut.

  2. Good advice! Hey, it works! You try it. We helped prep for a niece’s wedding party of over 200 in Penna. The lunch meat slicer bit the dust, then one of the 36 cup percolators did. You do not party there without coffee. A small bandsaw cut the ham and steaks, A blowtorch cooked the coffee, and a plasterboard blade cut the cheese and lunch meat. Everything went just fine till a case of applejack a cousin ‘provided’ and put in vodka bottles evaporated and a couple of kegs of beer. Then the fights broke out. Man, those Pennsytucky girls know how to throw a punch. but, everybody like the food, barbecued speed beef (deer). I stuck to ginger ale. Like Enrique down in Chihuahua says, Ah, well, that Red. A little shot of tequila and a beer, and his nose has no problem finding the floor. Skinny little stinker. How you can be that short and still kill whole liters of tequila is beyond me. hasta, may your pstures be rich and green for eternity and your cattle so fat on it, the waddle.

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