The Long View: Thinking About Forever

As most of you know, On Pasture author John Marble typically offers up an article every month, something about grazing management or ranching or some technical issue. But in January, John was busy with other tasks. In another life, John spent a significant amount of time working on drinking water problems in small communities across western America, and also in the region called Oceania. This is the big wet country that covers the globe between Hawai’i and Asia. John just returned from a visit there, to his “home island”, a magical place called Yap. He visited old friends and looked around for ways to help bring water to the people, and so, wasn't able to contribute a story for the On Pasture readership. But wait! We do have an essay from John, something we think you might find interesting. It’s about island life, islanders and…ranching. We hope you’ll enjoy it. During the benevolent growing season of western Oregon, I find my mind, my heart, my soul focused on the business at hand: growing and managing grass. My days are filled with the day-to-day operational details of running an intensive grazing enterprise. Quiet moments (mostly early morning and evenings) I find my mind whirling as I plan my grazing strategy or work on marketing and relationships. This is a wonderfully engrossing life. As the grazing season winds down, my mind drifts south and west toward a different pursuit. In my other life, I have the opportunity to work with small community utili

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