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How Grass Grows – What You Need to Know in the Spring

Jenn Colby of Howling Wolf Farm has been sharing morning video chats to keep customers up to date with what’s happening on the farm. It’s a great way of building a better connection to the people who are interested in your farm and how you grow the food they eat. In this vlog, she also shares some really important information about what’s going on with our grass plants as they wake up after a long winter, and what that means for grazing turn out.

Jenn is a graduate of Charlotte Smith’s Farm Marketing From the Heart course, and she’s also applying everything she learned from attending Ranching For Profit and being part of their Executive Link program. Check out the farm’s website where you can see some great examples of everything she’s learned.

Want More?

If you asked, “What’s a collar on a grass plant?” or thought, “I’m not sure I get it from Jenn’s drawing of a grass plant. What does an actual grass plant look like?” Here you go! Check out this week’s Classic by NatGLC where we’ve got an article with actual pictures of grass plants and the parts of a grass plant to help you with all of this.

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