Managing Grazing to Target Cheatgrass and Other Weeds

Thanks for this article go to Ben Beckman, Nebraska Extension Educator, and Mitch Stephenson, UNL Range Management Specialist. They give us an excellent example of what to consider when managing grazing to target cheatgrass. We've added some notes on how you can adapt this to other grasses and weeds. Enjoy! While Mother Nature has been giving us small tastes of spring, then pulling right back, the reminder that pasture green up is just around the corner shouldn’t be ignored. One of the earliest species we see greening up is cheatgrass (also called Downy brome and June Grass, Bromus tectorum). That makes early spring a good time to begin planning for cheatgrass management.   What Do We Know About Our Target? Winter annuals like cheatgrass germinated and grew last fall. The seedling was dormant all winter but energy reserves from the fall allow for growth right away this spring. This allows cheatgrass to invade into several different plant communities and compete with native cool-season perennials. Wi

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4 thoughts on “Managing Grazing to Target Cheatgrass and Other Weeds

  1. I am in the process of converting a row crop farm to pasture and growing our herd, you know inch by inch. Anyway as I plant a small grain nurse crop and remove it and before pasture plants are thriving we get a flush of foxtail which is warm season grass, I have found it to be very desired forage, and has proven to be a valuable resource, also grazing off the tall foxtail allows sun light thru to the very small planted pasture mix. The past 2 years this has been a blessing in desguise for summer grazing and exciting to see cool season grasses jump out in front of foxtail, and if there is bare spots the fox tail fills the gap while cool season grasses get stronger.

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