Utah Rancher Gets Results With Conservation Program

This article, by Donald H. Fulton, range conservationist with the Soil

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2 thoughts on “Utah Rancher Gets Results With Conservation Program

  1. History is a pretty powerful ally. In the book ” Where the wagon led”, a memoir of a cowboy in Saskatchewan, the author lamented about how the buck brush was taking over the prairie range in the early 1920’s. Prior to 1911 native people’s regularly burned during the spring to keep brush encroachment at bay. Their goal was to maintain grasslands for the bison, elk, and antelope. In 1911 the government imposed restrictions on burning because white settlers & railroaders burned indiscriminately, often in the summer, and started large wildfires. I find it interesting that we often overlook how the land was managed before white people came on the scene.

  2. “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it”–one of my favourite adages–also could be restated as “Those who don’t know history rob themselves of a rich heritage of knowledge and practice.”

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