Garlic for Fly Control?

You've probably seen testimonials from fellow farmers and ranchers who claim that feeding garlic can keep flies off their cattle. Maybe like me, you're a bit skeptical. Could that really work? Well, actually yes. According to Canadian research in 2017, cows fed trace mineral salt fortified with garlic powder had 52 and 56 percent fewer flies on average than the two control groups fed plain trace mineral salt. Obi Durunna, a Prince Albert livestock specialist and his colleagues, Jenifer Heyden and Naomi Paley first looked for other research on garlic's effectiveness as a fly deterrent. All they found was one study that showed a mixture of salt and 2 percent garlic didn't reduce horn fly numbers. (Horn flies sit on the backs and sides of cattle and feed on their blood until mating day when they females leave to lay eggs in fresh manure.) Meanwhile, they'd also read producer testimonials that said it did work, and just as many that said it did nothing at all. With no clear answer they decided they'd run a test to find out for themselves. They started with two groups of 150 cow calf pairs and one group of 115 pairs. Their pastures were just 3 kilometers apart to ensure that overall fly pressure would be the same. One group was given trace mineral salt mixed with 2.1% garlic powder (by weight). The other two groups (one of 150 and one of 115) were given plain trace mineral salt. Both were fed in open tubs starting .on May 25 Next, they counted flies.  Researchers took

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7 thoughts on “Garlic for Fly Control?

    1. According to the folks in Canada, and what I’ve read elsewhere, they mix in 2% garlic by weight. That means that if you have 100 pounds of salt, you add 2 pounds of garlic powder. Does that help?

  1. We started on April 1 feeding 2% granulated garlic in our mineral. We don’t have a control group but I’ll let you know what I think later in the fly season.

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