Woven Wire Fencing Hack

If you’ve worked with rolls of woven wire fencing, you know how heavy they can be and how awkward it can be to try to unroll and set up. Repairman Jared decided to build his own solution, a rig he can hook to his tracker to hold the roll and make it easy to unroll.

Here’s the swivel hook Jared used. He also suggests searching for “chain swivel.” Just  make sure its rated at over 250-500lb so it does not break from the strain.

Jared can attach the fence at one end and drive the tractor along the fence line to unroll it. Or he can set the tractor at one end, and pull the fence through narrow spaces between trees.

For those of you without a tractor, consider using the base and pole idea for holding the fence. Then unroll it like you would a roll of paper towels.

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One thought on “Woven Wire Fencing Hack

  1. I have a slight alternative to this method of rolling out ringlock but you do need a tractor with a front end loader as I note Jared has. What I do is feed a pipe thru the centre of the roll of ringlock as Jared did. Then I attach a chain to each end of the pipe and hang each chain off the frontend loader so the chains hang vertical. To do this may necessitate attaching another pipe to the front end loader parallel to the one in the ringlock roll which hangs horizontally. I then attach the end of the ringlock wires to the fencepost for the start of the run and back the tractor along the fenceline. This saves dragging the wire thru the grass etc. as the wire unrolls. Obviously this doesnt work if there are closely spaced trees or other objects on the fenceline. This method also allows you to keep the roll horizontal while unrolling on sloping ground by adjusting the chain lengths as needed.

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